Friday, July 31, 2015

On my way to NC

Hey guys! 
I went to the Provo temple this morning and also this will be my last letter from the MTC because I leave for NC on Monday (August 3) at 3:30 AM. Not too happy about that, but I'm super excited to leave because the food here sucks. Also over 1,000 missionaries showed up on Wednesday and there's a record breaking high of over 3,000 missionaries here right now so cafeteria lines are super long. I'm still really enjoying all my classes here though! I've learned pretty quickly you can't teach what you don't know, and you sure can't teach without the Spirit. There was a day here where they pretty much blew my mind and shattered my testimony (in a good way). I figured out, though, that having a testimony isn't enough, you've got to be truly converted so that's what I've been working towards. My teacher is so dope, he's like crazy smart about the gospel. He spent a term studying in Jerusalem through BYU last spring, and now I'm seriously considering doing that when I get back.  
Get this, I got a new set of leather scriptures, not a quad, for $16 dollars. We were doing service the other day and we were in the cleaning room and I saw this huge pile of clothes and manuals. I asked the guy what they were and he said it was stuff people left in dorms and it was all going to the DI pod and I could take what ever I wanted. Most of the stuff was in another language but I found a brand new English Bible. Then I went to the MTC store and got a triple which only cost 16 dollars because they give missionaries super discounts.

Anyway that's whats up with me! I'm very sorry to hear mom is sick and I hope she gets better! Enjoy Bear Lake and let me know how it goes. I'd write to all of you individually but they only give us an hour to write emails. I love you all and miss ya'll a ton. Hope to hear from you next week, 

Elder Earnest

P.S Thanks so much for the minonaries, I was having a rough day and it totally made me feel so good. Love ya'll.     

Sam's first missionary package. Thanks to Quinn and Jonas for drawing the faces!

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  1. Thanks for writing; I almost feel like a voyeur reading your posts but I am very interested in your happenings. I was in or went thru Danville once....just remember that each one is your brother or sister and you have a gift for them. And if they don't want to talk just flash them one of your killer smiles and say Hi from an Oregonian. And that you'll be back😇😎 Stay positive you are a special gift. 😇😎‼️


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