Monday, December 14, 2015

A New Companion

I really like the tree and ornaments! I enjoyed reading all the notes, but I didn't recognize a lot of the names. I particularly enjoyed Brett Bateman's.

So our new companion is Elder Everett from Alaska. He grew up way up in the arctic about 23 miles north of Nome in a little village called Catsabu. (Yes he grew up in a village). He's pretty chill, and super easy to train so thats nice. I really enjoy him and he's pretty funny; probably my favorite companion so far. Also he speaks Inupiac. (Not sure how to spell that but it's the language all the Eskimos speak.)

So we have a new neighbor.  His name is Billy and he's crazy southern.  We've been helping him move in and he offered to let us use one of his spare Christmas trees since we didn't have one. So we took the offer and set it up and then the next day we woke up and all smelled like cigarettes and something that's hard to describe. Like all true southeners Billy is a heavy smoker.  Anyway, I sprayed Febreeze on it, and that made the smell ten times worse because the tree was now wet. So I sprayed some of my Old Spice spray on it and that was really, really bad. We ended up sticking the tree outside for a few days and sprayed it with disinfectant so now most of the smell is gone. BTW I love my new tie!!!!!!!

This week we've just kinda been helping Elder Everett get adjusted and teaching a few investigators how to stop smoking.  That's been rough but we're making some serious progress. We've also got another investigator that's getting baptized in a week or so.  He's been the easiest person to teach. We just ask him to read and pray and he does everything we ask. He's coming to church actively too and is also getting a lot of fellowship from the ward members.

The ward has been treating us good. We had a ward Christmas party and we were the three wisemen. (photo attached)

I'm super happy here and really excited for Christmas! We're going over to the C's on Christmas and the M's on Christmas Eve so I'm pretty stoked. Being in a trio is awesome and crazy fun, never a dull moment. I love and miss ya'll,


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