Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Staying in Danville

Hey ya'll! It's nice to hear from you. I love getting emails!

So I'm not getting transferred. Me and Elder Andersen are training a new missionary together which means I'm hitting my 6 month mark in Danville. Freakin 6 months, can you believe it!? But I'm so excited to be in a trio. That's gonna be a blast! 
We've just got to figure out how to fit all of us in our tiny house.....

Things are going pretty smoothly here. We've got another investigator getting baptized in a few weeks, and he's getting a lot of support from the ward which is awesome. And we have another couple we're teaching who's progressing pretty well, although they couldn't come to church on Sunday because there was a shooting by their house that night and they took off and stayed with some friends. Pretty crazy place Danville is...

Today we went mountain biking as a district. We've got some really nice mountain bike trails here in Danville so that was super fun! The only person getting transferred from our district is our district leader Elder Greenwood, so its nice we'll still all be together.

I'm getting pretty excited for Christmas. The C's signed up to have us over so that's gonna be fun; they're a really nice family. We've been showing the church's new video 'A Savior is Born' a lot to the people we come across. If you haven't watched it yet make sure you do! (Here's the website if you'd like to watch it:

I finished the Book of Matthew this morning. I think the New Testament is probably my favorite set of scriptures right now. I'm a little more than halfway through Jesus the Christ, but I haven't been reading it much lately. I also read a really good talk from Neil A. Maxwell about revelations yet to come. He talked about the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon and the records of the lost tribes of Israel. Really cool stuff. 

Write again soon!


Mountain biking with Sam as photographer

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