Monday, February 29, 2016


It's good to hear from you guys! This week has been crazy. On Wednesday we had three tornados touch down our area, I was told three people were killed. We didn't see the tornado over in our area but it was still crazy. The clouds were moving super fast and it was really warm and windy. Elder Everett and I rode up the street to see
Robert and while we were talking it started to drizzle. We decided to head back home so we didn't get rained on and only made it about 30 feet before it just dropped water from the sky. The phrase 'pouring rain' doesn't do this storm justice. I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me there was so much rain. By the time we made it back to the house we were drenched and I had water overflowing from my shoes. Elder Everett slipped in the mud and got super dirty so when we got into the house he went straight to the "washroom", as our Canadian roommate Elder Galvin would say, and took a shower in his full proselyting clothes. We were probably wetter than we would have been if we'd jumped into a swimming pool.

On Friday the Spanish Elders came up and spent the night. Their area includes all of the Greensboro and High Point Stakes so they go around a lot looking for more Spanish speakers. To put it simply we had 6 Elders in an apartment meant for 2, one bathroom, and a bunch of Nerf guns. It was a riot. Elder Prado is from Mexico but speaks perfect English. I really like him and I'm excited because we'll both be in the same zone next transfer (p.s I'm getting transferred). Elder Johnson is from California and is also really chill and fun to hang with. He came out a few months after me and wasn't originally called to be Spanish speaking, but when he got here President Alexander decided to make him one. He's doing really well with the language considering he never got trained for it in the MTC. While they were here they were able to find two new Hispanics that are willing to learn more.

So I'm leaving Danville tomorrow. Sad day. I'm going to an area down in Charlotte called Matthews. It borders Wedington, which is where Michael Jordan lives.  Yesterday and today I've just been saying goodbye to everyone. There are a lot of great people here I'm going to to miss. 

Alright I love you guys and love hearing from you! Till next week,

Elder Earnest

Got caught in the rain

The Clays

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