Monday, March 7, 2016

Providence Ward, Charlotte, NC

Hey y'all. 
Glad to hear everything's well back home. I'm in my new area now and it REALLY different from Danville. In Danville I was teaching starving children that didn't have any food in the cupboards; the other day I walked past a kid that couldn't have been over the age of 10 complaining that he couldn't get his email set up on his new iPad. It's so different from what I'm used to. I talked to Elder Clarke (my trainer who just became an assistant) last night and he said he had to adjust quite a bit as well coming from Danville to Sharon, the area just north of ours. All of the homes here are huge and people actually have cars and work...I feel so out of place😂

The missionary work here is really slow too. People are really busy with work and family and don't always want to listen to us. Our evenings are usually pretty full but the afternoons and mornings are rough. The good thing is the ward is really big and there's a lot of ward missionaries to go out with us. We have dinners with ward members
most nights of the week and the families are nice. Outside of a missionary perspective, I really like the area. It's similar to the area that Danford and Beth live in and is just up the way from up to Charlotte. Our teaching pool is really small and there hasn't been a baptism in a while but we'll change that up right quick.

We also live right around the corner from the mission home. In our interviews this week President Alexander said we could have investigators over to his house to teach and we actually went to one of those firesides last night with a recent convert! It was pretty great; president talked all about Christ and Easter.

My new companion is Elder Snyder from Ogden Utah. He's only been out 3 months and was trained by someone I came out with, but we get along well enough.

But yeah I really miss Danville. I always knew it was a great area, but now I really know how great it was. On my last night there I said goodbye to my friend Keith (guy in the McDonalds shirt bellow) and he was really sad that I was leaving because he's getting married to his girlfriend this summer to work towards baptism and wants me to be the best man. I'm gonna miss Brother Barker a lot too. (He's the super southern high priest group leader) and when I left he told me "Elder Earnest, I have enjoyed my association with you" then he gave me a hug and said in my ear "go home and make lot's of babies, boy"😂😂

Well, I'm not really looking forwards to this week; it's gonna be a whole lot of walking around looking for people to teach but I'll just have to make the best of it.

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