Monday, April 4, 2016

Cars, Cockroaches, and Conference

Hey Guys,

This has been quite an eventful week. On Tuesday I went on exchange to Weddington with Elder Dortch. We had a great time, Elder Dortch is a great missionary and he also trained Elder Galvin so that was super cool too. Anyways, while I was gone Elder Snyder got in a car crash and totaled our car. It was at an intersection where the light had just turned green so he was good to go through, but the car in the lane next to him had been waiting at the red light and signaled a lady to go through on a left turn just as the light went red for her. So she went through and Elder Snyder and Elder Sherman were going 40 mph through the intersection, below the speed limit of 45, and couldn't really do much. They smashed into the side of this white mini van and when they got out to make sure everyone was okay they learned there was a special needs person in the van. Luckily, as far as we know, everyone is fine and no one had to go to the hospital or anything, but a full two days of proselyting was wasted. (One on the day of the wreck and one when we had to go get our new car).

The only nice part of that is when we went to get our new car there were a ton of other missionaries there getting new cars (most because their cars hit 50,000 miles) and I saw Elder Hungrige and Elder Masoe from Casswell (where the Battens live just south of Danville). Elder Hungrige is the district leader now and he told me 6 of the people I taught in Danville are getting baptized within the next few weeks. That was super exciting to hear. Sadly, I also heard some bad news about Quill. She messaged me on Facebook a few days before, and Elder Hungrige confirmed it. Quill went into labor way early (she was due sometime this summer) and her baby died shortly after birth. She's in a pretty dark place right now and won't talk to anyone. She did contact me about it though, which kinda surprised me, but I was able to try and uplift her with my response. Quill's gone through so much already and I'm really worried about her now. So that's been on my mind a lot lately.

We also caught two huge cockroaches in our apartment this week.  The first one we baptized by water and fire (threw him in the toilet and burned the crap out of him with old spice body spray and a lighter) and the second one was caught after the conference session where Bednar talked about how baptism by water was pointless with out the baptism by the Holy Ghost. We didn't feel he was worthy, so we threw him in the pool in our backyard and gave him half a baptism. Today I will be buying a plethora of chemicals to kill ALL cockroaches in our apartment because I want to vomit just thinking of cockroaches.

Conference was absolutely wonderful! I have about 10 pages of notes to go back through now. My favorite talks which I started to re-read right away were Henry B. Eyring's Saturday opener (I could see the closed captioning for the Spanish and understood enough to know he went WAY off script. That's why he smiled and paused. I'm guessing the Spirit prompted him to say something different and he did), Dale G. Rendlund's (who's probably one of my favorite speakers now), David A. Bednar's wonderful talk on baptism and the sacrament, Russell M. Nelsons killer talk on the priesthood, Henry B. Eyring's priesthood session talk, Uchtdorf's Sunday morning talk, Dallin H. Oaks' talk on opposition, and of course Holland's. My favorite one was probably Bednar's though. I thought it was strange how short President Monson spoke for, but I really liked his story about commanding the ship to come back around. As a missionary, conference weekend is probably my favorite weekend. It's like a two day spiritual party.

After conference last night we went to go see some former investigators and Elder Snyder got another flat tire. It's like his 8th this transfer and we've only had 3 bike weeks. He was really frustrated and tossed his bike into the trees and walked off. I just kinda stood there like "really?".  I wasn't mad or anything because I knew he was upset. That exerpt from the Rendlund talk ("Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying" from April 2015 General Conference) you sent me came to mind and I just patiently waited it out. 

Today we had a zone activity. Elder Clarke was there and I got to talk to him a bit. We played a ton of spikeball and had a blast. My good friend Elder Prado was also there and I stuffed him in basketball.

Well, I'm hoping this week is a little more fun than last week. I want to see people get baptized in Providence sooooo bad. Hope all is well back home,

Elder Earnest

New friend?

The car after the accident


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