Monday, April 25, 2016

New investigators

Hey y'all! It's been another wonderful week. We crushed our total lessons goal this week and had a ton of members out teaching with us, it was wonderful. We've got one guy preparing for baptism soon.  It might take a while for him to quit coffee though. I also conducted my first district meeting! I feel like it went pretty well.  I talked about contacting and gave the example of Nephi who dropped Laban because he wasn't keeping commitments and how he went and found a new investigator named Zoram. Today the Weddington Elders used some of the contacting  practices I trained on to get two new investigators last week so that made me pretty happy.

We also found quite a few new investigators this week. One of them is a woman named Alesha with no home, no friends, and no legs. She literally just had two bloody nubs poorly wrapped in white bandages. I guess she had  diabetes so they had to cut them off. The only people left in the world for her are her kids that live with some foster parents and she pretty much just bums around at a gas station all day. As you can image she's pretty depressed but she's reading the Book of Mormon now and she's coming to church next week! One of our stellar member missionaries, Abel, was with us when we found her and went back that night with his family to sing her a hymn and give her a backpack full of soap and food and money. I love when members do missionary work☺️

Not much else happened. Just working hard! Interviews are this week, oh yeah! I conducted my first baptismal interview yesterday! The Zone leaders have a baptism this week and I interviewed her for baptism. It was a really cool experience! One of zone leaders, Elder Blanco, is from Columbia.  His mother introduced a boyfriend to the gospel in Columbia when she was young. The man and his wife and kids moved up from Columbia and then Elder Blanco got sent here to baptize the rest of the family. Kinda confusing to follow, but it's a really cool story I promise!

Well, I'm gonna go play spike ball! Sure love y'all!

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