Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey y'all! 

It's been another good week! Elder Leach and I have been getting along great and working hard. He's from Rancho Cucamonga, California and just came down from the Greensboro zone. We get along really well and he's also Sister Alexander's favorite missionary.  They're obsessed with him, and I'm pretty sure that's why he got transferred down here. He broke his leg and went home the week they got here and ever since he came back in December he says they always tell him how much they like him. It's pretty great. I saw Elder Everett at transfers.  He told me all I really missed since I left Danville was a few shootings and a few baptisms. Sounds about right. Allen and his family is still doing well.  They were up in Virginia this week so they couldn't come to church, but it sounds like they'll be there next week. We had an investigator named Lamont come to church and he really enjoyed it and told us he'd be back next week. I didn't really expect him to actually come, but now I'm pretty exciting to start teaching him.

Our district had a fast this Sunday that we'd be able to find more families to teach and the mission as a whole was asked to fast that more investigators would start coming to church. Yesterday a random family showed up at church and said they decided to visit because they'd read about our church on the Internet. Fasting works!!!! They
said they may be interested in meeting with us, but they'd have to talk to the whole family about it. I'm praying they'll actually have interest and want to learn more.

I've been studying the Book of Mormon a lot lately. I really want to finish it again before I hit my year mark. There's so many interesting things in there that I've never noticed! I just finished the Book of Mosiah, and I've been thinking a lot about the story of Zeniff. At the beginning of his record he talks about how he was taught the language of the Nephites and knew of the land of Nephi. He's clearly not of Nephite lineage and he's probably a Mulekite (the people of Zarahemla). Because of this he's zealous to go down and claim the land of Nephi, since Mosiah and his people basically took over and there's not Mulekite leadership. I'm also pretty convinced he's not a Nephite because he talks about seeing much good in the Lamanites. But anyway, he does listen to those who know what the Lamanites are like and have actually been in the land of Nephi and lets his pride get the better of him and goes down there. Then slowly his people are lead into more and more bondage and more and more sin. I feel this applies to us with listening to the council of leaders. We can't let our pride get the better of us, or feel that we know better. This morning I read a great Neal A. Maxwell talk about being willing to submit your will to the Lord's and how important that is. It went along really well with what I've been reading. He's my favorite general authority to read. Every Monday for personal studies I have Maxwell Monday.

Well, Elder Leach and I are going to play disk golf! I'll send you pictures of it next week but here's a picture of the two of us.

I love you guys!

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