Monday, May 30, 2016

Transfer week

Hey Y'all! 

Hope you've had a great week cause I sure have!!! First off, transfers: Elder Snyder is taking off to Albamarle and I'm staying here with my new companion, Elder Leach. I'm super excited to have Elder Leach come here. He served up in Greensboro for the majority of the time I was there and is a stellar missionary. He was trained by Elder Blanco, another one of my favorite missionaries. So anyways I'm really happy he's coming and that Elder Watson and Elder Dortch are staying in Weddington because we're also really tight. And better yet, Elder Everett is coming to Catawbawaba!!!!! As you can imagine by its name, Catawba is an Indian reservation which is so perfect for Elder Everett because he basically grew up on the res. Back in the early days of the church, some missionaries came down here and converted the whole Catawba tribe (lamanites?????) and they've been pretty strong in the church ever since. So super excited to around him again!

Yesterday we went to a cook out at Allen's house. They made SO MUCH FOOD. Southern hospitality is for real. They had bunch of friends and family over and it almost felt like Sunday's at grandmas.  We had a ton of fun and ate good food and were able to have a pretty good gospel conversation with Allen about eternal marriage. He's pretty sad Elder Snyder is leaving so be invited us over this afternoon to play board games and I'm making pizza. Should be fun.

On Saturday we had a baptism for a lady named Hellen Duru. She's from Nigeria and the Sisters have been teaching her for awhile. It was the first convert baptism here in over a year so that was super exciting. She also has a cousin that's being taught now and her little boys go to primary every week. Now we're just desperately searching for people to bring to church.

I went on exchange to Weddington this week too. We had dinner with some investigators and the first thing she says is "I hope you like salmon!". Ug, my life. Luckily they also had steak so it all worked out and she gave me a hair cut too!!!! She works at a salon and gives missionaries free haircuts all the time.

Here's some pictures from today, it was super fun! I love y'all so much!!!!

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