Monday, July 11, 2016

Lexington, NC

Hey there!

Hope y'all are doing okay. Super jealous I can't go on the fifty miler!

So I'm in Lexington now! It's a great place with great people. Lots of country land which makes me sooooo happy. We cover a pretty large area that goes all the way up into High Point and way down to High Rock Lake and even a little part of Winston-Salem, but we spend most of our time around Lexington because the Sisters in our ward live in High Point and cover that part of our area. Ward council yesterday was amazing. They're super missionary focused and the ward is really nice. Sister Yeomen came by my vary first day here! She made us super good cookies.

My new companion is pretty great; he's Tongan and is from West Valley Utah. He likes to sing and is pretty good at football. We get along pretty well.

So there's tons of people playing Pokemon Go here and I'm crazy jealous, so today we went on our own Pokemon adventure trying to find stuffed animal Squirtel, because it's Elder Toki's favorite. Sadly, because of all the Pokemon hype, it's pretty hard to find them. Actually so far it's been impossible, but we're gonna get our Squirrel one way or another.

Another great thing about our area is the teaching pool. I've never seen so many part member families in my life! Our list is crazy long. I replaced Elder Smith, who was actually my first zone leader in Greensboro zone, and he and Elder Toki have been baptizing like crazy. I'm planning on keeping that up. We've got a family who'll
probably be baptized next month. Just pray that Shirley, the mom, gets a job that allows her to have Sundays off. And we have a wife of a recent convert that wants to be baptized but just hasn't felt an answer to her prayers, so pray that Mati will be able to know the Book of Mormon is true. Also, we've got someone named Josh who will be baptized as soon as he heals enough form his concrete mixer accident to get his stomach feeding tube removed, probably in September.

Tomorrow I get to go on exchange with the Assistants [to the President] who are some of my favorite missionaries in the whole mission: Elder Clarke and Elder Blanco. Elder Blanco just got called to be an Assistant when I came to Lexington. He was my zone leader in Charlotte south and he taught me a ton about missionary work. (In case you forgot Elder Clarke was my first companion)

For real I'm loving it here. I've got an area I love with nice people to teach and a great companion, couldn't really ask for more.

I can't really think of anything else that's going on. Just trying to adjust to a new area. It's weird not knowing anyone's name anymore.   Hope to hear from you soon, love ya!

Elder Toki and the search for the elusive Squirtel...

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