Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer to High Point, NC

So this week I went to a luau, got attacked by a flying cockroach, ate a pig's intestines then went back and ate it's foot, and I got a call from President telling me I'm getting transferred.

The mission president in Raleigh has some in-laws that live in Hawaii and they came and did a bunch of dancing and ukulele shows here for the missionaries and members to bring friends to. Ours was Thursday night at the Charlotte Central stake center in East Charlotte. We were getting worried because in order to go we needed to bring an investigator and it looked like no one was going to be able to come. Then at the last minute we called up the Cannons, a part member family we're working with, and they came through hard core to save the day and even offered us a ride. It made me so happy! The show was pretty neat, they did Hawaiian, Native American, and Fire dances. It was this giant Polynesian Mormon family of all ages with a ton of ukuleles, what could be better?

Speaking of Polynesians, my new companion is going to be Elder Toki. I haven't talked to him much, but everyone says he's a great missionary. So I'm pretty excited about that. It'll be weird; this will be the first time I'll be the junior companion since Elder Clarke trained me. Oh yeah, you'll never guess where I'm going! High Point North Carolina!!!!! I'll be serving as a Zone Leader. I'm beyond stoked! Elder Leach is taking over as district leader and will be training at the same time. I'm not terribly sad to be leaving this place, but there will be some people I'll miss.

We went over to Allen's last night to say goodbye. He made us a true southern meal: chitlins, pigs' feet, kale greens, fried chicken, sweet potato casserole, Mac 'n cheese, and a big glass of red Koolaid. Yeah, I know. The pigs' feet were actually pretty good, just super fatty. The chitlins on the other hand were absolutely disgusting. We walked into the house and I was like, what is that smell? (Smelled like poop). I almost threw up. It literally tasted like pig poop. I could only take one little bite and I was done. Grossest thing ever. The fried chicken was super good though.

Today we had district activity. We all went to Sky High (trampolines, etc), like the one we went to in Boston. It was really fun! We went up to the dodgeball area and there was just a ton of little kids and we were like "dang we can't just wreck these little kids" but then they started trash talking us and we were like "wanna go?" And they were like "yeah!" So thirteen Mormon missionaries took on 25 small children at a dodgeball trampoline court and it was actually a pretty close game. Then we played laser tag and did the basketball stuff. Very fun time.

Alright, I love ya'll and can't wait to hear how life is in Oregon!!!! Peace.

**A note from Mom: We have some really good friends, Richard and Alana Yeoman, who live in High Point, NC.   I've known Richard since I was 11 or 12 and when Alana moved to Virginia in high school we were best friends.  We lived next door to them when we were first married and Alana and I worked together while the men finished school.  We have lots of great memories withe the Yeoman's. I've been hoping that Sam would find himself there at some point on his mission. The evening he arrived in High Point, NC, Richard and Alana knocked on Sam's door with warm chocolate chip cookies and a bunch of love for this kid they've never met.  I'm so grateful for them and for the pictures they sent me!

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