Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey there!

It's been a busy week here per usual. I was on exchanges from Monday to Thursday. First I went to Colfax with Elder Agler. He's got a yeast infection that's apparently pretty bad because he's got yeast in his brain. Literally inside his brain. As you can guess it makes him pretty foggy headed and he has trouble socializing with people. So that was a pretty long exchange. Elder Andersen is training him right now up there. After that I went over to Lakefield  (Southern Greensboro) with Elder Hatch. Elder Hatch just came out a few weeks ago and is all about Mario. I'm not sure why, but he's super into Mario. So during that exchange I learned just about every there is to know about Mario. And then we went finding together and found a TON of people to teach. It was the best thing ever. We had sooooo much fun.

Nancy is still doing really well. She was at church yesterday. Pray that she'll be able to live the word of wisdom because that's the only thing that could hold her back from being baptized. She reads like 4 chapters from the Book of Mormon every night and is just on fire!

We also went and did a service project at an orphanage in Winston Salem this week. It's like a super old facility with a bunch of buildings and a farm and stuff. Kinda weird. I guess this guy is trying to fix it all up and open it back up. So we were taping up things for them to paint and moving really heavy tiles and other building materials. We brought a recent convert named Christian with us and had a pretty good time. He's from Mexico and moved up here when he was 18. Then he got baptized down in South Carolina and moved up here a few months ago.

Dad asked how Zone Leader is going. It's pretty fun, I like helping other missionaries and going on exchanges and having model area. Sometimes it's hard because missionaries expect us to be "perfect" missionaries and I'm not exactly perfect. Also it's a pretty big responsibility to run the whole zone. President Alexander has a lot of trust in us and expects us to pretty much just be the mission president of our zones. We have to make decisions that can sometimes be tricky about different rules and what not. But those kind of things don't happen very often and I'm super happy here. This is probably the happiest I've been on my mission so yeah.

It's starting to look like fall here finally! The leaves are changing colors and I've got my fall scented candle thing,  I really love the fall here, it's by far the best time of the year.

This week we have a Zone Conference in Greensboro. Should be pretty fun, I'll get to see Elder Watson. He's serving in Gilford right now which is like downtown Greensboro and has 8 or so college campuses. I'm sure he's having a blast.

Yup, great things happening. Talk to you next week!

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