Monday, September 5, 2016

This week was pre good. Let's see....

We had a district meeting down in Salisbury this week and afterwards the member that drove us took us to Panera. Then the next day we went back to the Montagnard refugee place and did more service. So fun. Our zone is the best. I'm not sure how much of this I've already told y'all but we have the smallest zone in the mission with only 10 companionships (most have between 13-16) and we're like the most tight knit zone ever. Instead of calling us a zone Elder Toki started calling it The Family and it spread through the mish. Not only are we the smallest zone, but we're also the highest baptizing per companionship zone in the mission. So anyways, service projects like that are super fun because literally everyone is friends and we just have a blast.

After the service project I went on exchange with one of our new missionaries, Elder Zesiger, who's been out about 2 weeks. Even though he's new, he's super prepared to be a missionary. I was pretty impressed. And the best part was, that night Sister Smith (our Ward meal coordinator) took us out to eat at this place call Ricks Smoke House. We got ribs and hush puppies, best thing ever. I also can't remember if I already told y'all this either, but Lexington is the BBQ capital of the world and the best BBQ restaurant is right across the street from our apartment. It's called Lexington BBQ, or if you're a long time native The Honey Munk. So we end up eating there ALL the time.

I also went on exchange with Elder Clarke this week! He's still an assistant down in Matthews and he came up and spent the day in Lexington with me. He was a Zone Leader here before he became an assistant so he knows the area and members pretty well. We had a fun time, talking about good times in Danville and what not. He's only got another 3 months left on his mission which is crazy because when I became his companion he was only 7 months out!

Now me and Elder Toki are on our way to High Point to play volleyball with the Fam. Tomorrow is MLC and all the district leaders are invited this time so we've got a few missionaries staying at our place this evening. Hopefully that doesn't get out of hand... 

Hope all is well at home!

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