Monday, November 7, 2016

It's been a fun week. We had MLC on Tuesday and I got to see all my friends. Then I was on exchange with Elder  Beaulieu in Salisbury. We had a pretty great time. Found this guy who had been chatting online with online missionaries. He's really sick with some kind of intestinal failure and was going to have surgery the next day. We just happened to feel prompted to go see him the night before during planning and we showed up just in time. He and his wife let us teach them the plan of salvation and I think it struck a chord with them. They want to have the missionaries back this week after he's out of the hospital. Sadly I'm not in Salisbury, but hopefully he and his whole family get baptized!

Then we had Zone Conference in Winston. It was a combo of Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Zones. President asked me to conduct the meeting, which was a really neat experience. I'm learning so much about how the church is run! I also saw Elder Watson and Elder Everett. They're companions now in Gilford and I'm so jealous of them! My two favorite missionaries are companions in downtown Greensboro with like 7 college campuses. I guess they're both going to BYU now and want me to room with them. Might be pretty fun, but they get home next November and won't start 'til winter time or so. That being said, Elder Watson and I are for sure backpacking Ireland that spring. It was pretty funny, Elder Everett was reading a scripture during President's talk and President called him Elder Earnest in front of everyone. We got that a lot when we were companions in Danville.

I also went on exchanges with Elder Blanco this week! That was super fun. He and I have pretty similar interests and tastes in literature and music so there was lots to talk about. He really likes the book 'A Thousand Years of Solitude' (I think you read that dad, right?). It's by a Columbian author and he's from Bogata so go figure. He'll be at BYU the same time I will and his only other close family that's not in South America lives in North Bend on the coast so I told him he could ride with me back to Oregon during the holidays. Hope you don't mind!

Today we went to hang out with some members in Salisbury. They have a manmade lake with a lake front and volleyball pit. It was super fun! Elder Toki goes home next week so he really likes spending time with the other missionaries. Now I'm just predicting who will come replace him. Hopefully it's not some goober....

The Crouses were confirmed yesterday! That was a great day. Millicent has been at the hospital all week with her close friend that's having heart problems so we weren't able to see her this week. Sounds like she still wants to be baptized so hopefully we'll be able to buckle down and teach her everything. We REALLY need to find some new people to teach this week. Our teaching pool is getting baptized and dropped faster than we can resupply it. Pray for us!!!!!

But that was pretty much it! Just a lot of stuff in a small about of time. I've never been so mentally tired in my life. It's so great. I'm having a blast! Sure love y'all!!!

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