Monday, October 31, 2016

Hey y'all

It's been another packed week! The baptism last night went really well. I was a little worried about pulling Sister Crouse back out of the water; she's a pretty big lady. I managed okay though. Elder Toki baptized Brother Crouse. He broke his leg a month or two ago (and is convinced he's healed so fast because of the priesthood blessings we gave him) so his leg is pretty stiff. The first time he went down his leg popped up and the second time too. So they had him get on his knees and elder Toki dipped him face first down and back up. Since it was right after church there was a good amount of people there to welcome them to the Ward. Now Brother Crouse really wants to the priesthood. Hopefully we'll see them in the temple a year from now.

Yes, Halloween is today here as well. We're supposed to either be at appointments or at members homes or inside this evening. I think we're going to see the Crouses and then head in. For zone activity we planned a costume party. About a month ago we announced it to everyone, and then last week President (not knowing anything about our party we planned) sent out an email regarding Halloween and the things he wants us to do and not do. One of those things was not wearing costumes for Halloween. So we had to quickly replan and now we're going to play Quidditch. Not sure how that all works, but Elder Toki's played it before and he says it's pretty fun. I'll be sure to send pictures.

On Saturday our ward had our trunk or treat and chili cook off.  As usual the missionaries were the judges. I don't even like chili. Sister Berry really had to convince me to sit down and try 28 different kinds of chili. So we're going through trying the different types (white, mild, and hot) and Elder Toki tries hot #6 brought by less active Tracy Sidden. His face instantly turns red and his eyes start tearing up. He grabs his gallon jug of water (we've doing the gallon of water a day challenge) and starts chugging. The water makes it way worse. So he gets up and runs for the kitchen, opens up the cotton pickin' refrigerator and grabs the first thing he sees: a little milk carton. He shakes it up and pops it open and milk starts spraying out likes it's carbonated soda. All over the floor and and his arms. He settles that down and takes a good swig and then proceeds to run outside and spit all the milk out. He's heaved over, half throwing up because the milk was four weeks expired. Funniest thing of my life.

Exchanges got moved to this week with Elder Blanco so stay tuned. So now I've got another very busy week to look forwards too. Hopefully we'll be blessed with some new investigators, we really need some. Oh yeah, we taught Millicent the law of chastity this week! She's gay, so that was a hard one to prepare for, but we got in there and taught it clearly and she's willing to live it! She was super intrigued by the Church's stance on same sex attraction. We watched a lot of the videos from the Mormons' and gays website to get ready for it. Really interesting page, check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

Welp, pray for me, I need it! I'm scared this packed schedule is going to render me a lunatic by the end of next transfer. Peace out homies.

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