Monday, December 12, 2016

Howdy y'all!

Time is going so fast. Nancy is getting baptized in two weeks!!! She gave up smoking this week and has been doing SOOOO well. I'm super happy for her. We gave her a blessing and she hasn't smoked since. That night she messaged us that her son-in-law smoked in front of her and she didn't even have any desire to smoke. Plus all the Relief Society sisters are swarming around her. There's been a few times they've gone over there without us even asking them to see her. This ward is so perfect.

Millicent is also doing pretty well! She told us she definitely wants to be a member of the church and committed to come every single week so that's looking pre' fly. Now we've got to just figure out the law of chastity details with her.

We also had MLC on Tuesday. It was a pretty good one we counseled a lot about a mission culture document we're doing. Afterwards we went out to sushi and got a $50 sushi boat. I've never had sushi before, turns out it's not too bad. I was pretty surprised when Elder Craig just grabbed a raw piece of tuna and threw it in his mouth. Elder Clarke was there, he goes home after Christmas. That's going to be super weird because that means I'll only have 7 months left when he leaves.

We also had the Ward Christmas party this week! The food was pretty good. Sadly no flaming hot chili.

I went on exchange with Elder Grieve this week too. He was serving as a zone leader and is a district leader here now. It's been really really nice having him as a district leader because all our other district leaders are super young and have only been a district leader for a transfer. We talked about different leadership styles. There's a chart that depicts what motivates you as a leader and has a color for each one. Red, Yellow, Blue, and White. Everyone has a primary and secondary. Turns out we're both Red with Blue. You'll have to look up what all that means because I can't really remember.

That's pretty much all I've got, but here's a bunch of pictures! We went disk golfing today and there's a picture of Dusty at the temple!

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