Monday, December 5, 2016

Wow, what an amazing week! So this week I went down to Matthews for exchanges with Elder Peterson. It was pretty great, they have a really nice weight set for working out in the morning. It was pretty fun being in Charlotte again. Transfers are in a few weeks and it's likely I'll get transferred, maybe I'll end up in Charlotte again! Charlotte is a lot better of a place for P-Days and shopping I tell ya! Don't worry, the transfer day is after Christmas. As far as the works toilet cleaner, I actually already have some. When I was in Danville I lit one off and about scared the other missionaries living there to death.  

After exchanges with Elder Peterson I went on exchanges with Elder Snyder. Funny guy. We had a good laugh talking about the good ol' days in Providence. And while I was gone Elder Hampshire and Elder Blanco set a baptismal date for Nancy! She gave up cigarettes yesterday and attended the ARP class too! I'm real excited for her and I really think she can do it this time. Please pray for her! Also Millicent came to church too!!! And we found 3 more people to teach this week! One of them is this great guy who's a child of record and wants to be baptized. His wife and kids aren't members either and it sounds like they're coming to church next week.

We've been doing a lot with the Light the World stuff. Mostly just inviting other people to join in. Our Elders Quorum President had us teach the lesson yesterday on service and talk about it. We've got Lisa, the lady at the soup kitchen, doing it too and giving out cards to all her SDA friends.

It's kinda starting to feel like Christmas here. The 70 degree weather at the lakefront today playing beach volleyball kinda didn't but, ya know... We do have a Christmas tree and it's pretty swagger. The only Christmas traditions I can really think of is the whole open one present on Christmas Eve kinda thing and then taking turns opening them all together. That's always fun as a family.  How's Vickie doing? I kinda miss that lady. Tell her I say hi! Also how the heck are the Lakeys!?! Remember that sweet walking stick he gave me? For some reason I'm super excited to use that thing when I get home. You should take a picture and send it to me!

So yeah things are pretty fantastic here! Hope the nutcracker goes well and that Jonas keeps teaching like a champ! Love ya!


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