Monday, January 16, 2017

Howdy y'all!

This week was so hectic. We went to Hickory twice and then up to Winston and then had a meeting with President and had to do two exchanges and find 5 new investigators and on top of all that I rebound my scriptures with alligator skin.

On Wednesday we went up to Hickory for their zone meeting. It was the first time I've seen mountains since I came out. The Appalāchians are pretty weak looking, but it was still it was neat to see what the rest of the mission looks like. I've never been west of Charlotte, which is where all the good hiking is. Their Zone Meeting was pretty fun. The theme was "Potential is Out There", a spin off of "adventure is out there" from Up. At the end they had us all write things we want to give up to be more consecrated on a piece of paper and put it in a house that was strapped to a bunch of balloons. Then they let it fly into the sky. After that I was on exchanges with Elder Hatch. He's from Cali and played competitive water polo so we had a lot of fun.

A few days later we went to Winston for their Zone Meeting. I got to see Elder Watson  and eat at a place that played really good music. That was fun. After that we had to drive to Lexington to drop something off and then get back to Charlotte in time for our appointment so we could exchange with the Pineville Elders and it was so stressful because traffic is the worst thing ever!

David should be baptized this week. He got sick and couldn't come to church Sunday, but he should be doing okay. Maxwell came and loved it. We also had a guy named Gary come. His family is from Cambodia and were refugees of the Vietnam war. He wants to be baptized and we're teaching him this evening. Pray they continue to do well.

Welp I'm super tired and I need a nap. I'll send you pics of my alligator skin scriptures next week. Love ya!

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