Monday, January 9, 2017

This week Elder Peterson and I found this elect African guy. He was taught two years ago and got all the way to the baptismal interview, but because of some problem he got offended and disappeared. We knocked on his door this week and he let us right in and started to tell us about how he'd repented and how he's now ready to be a member of Christ's true church. The guy was jumping up and down and crying and going through his whole life story about being raised in Sierra Leone as a Muslim and getting moved to Russia where he converted to Christianity and then God brought him to America where he could find Christ's true church. At the end he prayed and asked if he should be baptized on February 4th and at the end he said, quite loudly, "by God's grace I will be baptized on the 4th of February and no one can stop God, not even myself!" It was incredible. We're still trying to figure out how no one found him for two years straight.

David Blackwell is also doing really well! We had some great lessons this week with him. Yesterday after church the old stake president invited us over for lunch and we brought David too. It's pretty incredible how much this guy has changed since I first met him a year ago. He's pretty much gone from a godless man to a regular church attender. It'll be a pretty special day for a lot of missionaries when he gets baptized in a few weeks.

I also went on exchanges twice this week. The first was back to Welcome Ward. That was kinda odd, we had ward coordination and I hadn't missed one since I left. The new Elder there had to come to Charlotte for a doctor's appointment so we made an exchange out of it. Elder Hampshire is still doing really well. I got to teach Nancy and the Crouses so that was fun. Then on Friday I went on exchanges with the Charlotte Central Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Bingham. He just got called as a zone leader and has been out just a transfer more than I have. He's a solid missionary from northern Utah and owns a big ol' ranch. We had fun finding all night in the freezing rain. Doesn't sound like fun, be we found two new investigators.

Elder Peterson and I get along really well and are having a ton of success. It seems like all the people are super solid and ready to be baptized. We have four with a baptismal date right now and statistically 50 percent of the people we put on date get baptized.

Alright I love y'all!

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