Monday, November 16, 2015

Feeling at home

So, yeah, the baptism was pretty rad. There weren't a ton of people there, but it was still a really nice service. Sienna's boyfriend and mother (who are both fixin' to get baptized themselves) said the opening and closing prayers and she had the bishop baptize her. The next morning I got a text from her mom saying they wouldn't make it for church and I was pretty scared because she was supposed to be confirmed in sacrament and it would have been really weird to tell my district and zone leaders we had a baptism but no confirmation this week. But then Sienna texted us saying she still wanted to come to church, she just needed a ride. I'm glad she has the desire to come to church even if her mom isn't going, that shows some real conversion which makes me happy.

We also had a zone conference on Friday all about the Sabbath. It amazes me how keeping the Sabbath day holy is one of the basic ten commandments, yet society as a whole doesn't really even pay attention to it. Like it's right up there next to 'thou shalt not kill' and 'thou shalt not commit adultery'. Anyways, the conference was super
good! I learned a ton and was reminded of my schooling days and how when I strived to not do any homework on the Sabbath and used it as a day of rest and worship, the rest of my week went WAY smoother.

This week has been really weird. I'm starting to feel like I'm at home in Danville, but let me explain because it's not in the way you'd think. So my companion is from Oregon which is nice because he knows what voodoo donuts is and where all the places I talk about back home are. Then at zone conference, one of the ladies serving us lunch asked where I was from, I told her Oregon, and she asked what part. I never know how to answer that because no one knows where Redmond is and only like 2 people know where Bend is. So I start to say Central Oregon and she says "like Prineville?" I almost starting laughing at the fact I've been asking everyone if they know where Bend is for the past few weeks, but this lady knows where Prineville is. I guess her son served part of his mission in Prineville like 20 years ago. A few weeks ago I was talking to one of the missionaries at mission conference and he asked where I was from and I told him Oregon and he said "do you know Emily Capson?" I guess his college room mate dated her or something, but still that was super weird. I met Danford's dad in Casswell a few months back and then on Friday some lady came up to me at the stake center (where I saw Orson Scott Card in person!!!!!!) (*he's in my stake BTW but I didn't get a chance to talk to him I just saw him and instantly recognized him) and told me she knows my grandparents and started talking about Grandma Ann. (Her name was Wendy Hughs). So yeah all that's been going on and I feel like tons of people here know me. Then I get this email from Shae Wilcox Saturday morning:

"Sam! Are you in Danville, Virginia? 'Cause I'm here right now!!! I know you won't see this till Monday and even if you could there's probs nothing you could do, but isn't that cool we are in the same city?!?! We are going to play Averett right now!"

What the heck!? I don't even feel like I'm away from home, which is good I guess, but really weird. (Averett is a private College in Danville)

Alright I hope that was detailed enough. Really most of my week was just spent planning for the baptism so not a whole lot going on. Alright, Brother Hales is taking us out to dinner so I've got to go,

Love ya,

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