Monday, November 30, 2015


Glad to hear ya'll had a nice thanksgiving!

Had a funny experience the other day. We were volunteering at a food drive and before they handed out the food a preacher got up there and gave a sermon and everyone was yelling 'amen' and 'praise the Lord'.  It was a classic southern baptist sermon/ football pump up. One of our investigators was in the crowd and when the preacher said "ya'll need to come to my church and be be baptized!" everyone yelled "amen!" except our investigator yelled out "When I get saved, Earnest is gonna baptize me!" It was pretty funny.

Thanksgiving was fun! We spent it with three of the girls from the YSA branch. Sister Johnson taught us all how to cook and we had a great dinner! But the Tuesday and Wednesday before we had Thanksgiving dinner with two other families that had to have it on those days because of work so I got a ton of food last week. 
Oh, and this week we met a man who claimed to be a prophet and said he started levitating the other day. The weird thing was he was a totally chill dude, and just slipped that into our conversation totally casually.
This week has been pretty good. We've got a few new investigators I'm pretty excited about and the ward is doing really well welcoming and reaching out to our recent convert that got baptized a few weeks ago.

I miss ya'll a ton and can't wait to hear from ya'll soon!

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