Monday, November 23, 2015

Helping those in need

I had the neatest experience last night. We were meeting with these people we are teaching and they were showing us how they literally have no food. Like they were gonna eat ice cubes and bacon for dinner and then that's all the food they had for the next 2 weeks. I wanted to start crying at the extent of their poverty, it was terrible. So we told them we'd keep an eye out for any canned goods and went to go see Brother M.  Somehow we ended up on the subject of the family we just saw and when the M's found out they needed food they jumped up and started stuffing their pantry into bags for us to take to this family. The M's themselves don't have much, and I was just amazed at their willingness to jump to the aid of people they'd never even met. We ended up delivering a ham, a full turkey, a ton of canned goods, and some assorted deer meat to this family. It was like one of the coolest things ever.

We had stake conference this week and I sat behind Orson Scott Card. Afterwards I said hello and complimented him on the artwork he chose for our stake center. This building has art in every room and all over the hallways and it's really cool. I guess the stake president asked him to pick it out when they got it and there's a ton of really neat pieces here.

Today we went ice skating as a zone in Greensboro. It was pretty fun, and afterwards we went to the church and played b ball.  Other than that it's been a pretty regular week. Just visiting a ton of people and we gave a few blessings too. Lots of people are getting pretty sick here.


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