Monday, March 21, 2016

Busy week, long bike ride

Dearest Family,

Yesterday was really busy hectic with appointments, meetings, dinner at the Andersons, and FHE at Bishop's house with less actives. I think I'm starting to understand how bishops feel on Sundays. Weeks are so busy and exhausting that by the time Sunday rolls around I just want to take a nap and relax. Often I have to keep myself from falling asleep in church. I do, however, really like this ward. The people are really nice and there's a lot of big families with young kids. There's also a ton of businessmen so I'm learning how to be more "professional" as I talk with them. Charlotte is the banking capital of the U.S so a lot of people from my ward work for Bank of America or Wells Fargo selling and trading bonds and stock and that kind of stuff. And for the first time on my mission there are people who know where Bend Oregon is! And some even know where Redmond is. A lot of them just go there to golf, which makes good conversation since I worked on a golf course.

Right now we're teaching a guy named Steve who's reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it's true and someone named Pattie who wants to get baptized but she just had hip surgery and has to wait 10 weeks to heal. We actually went up to uptown to see her in the hospital with week. Uptown Charlotte is really nice, it's like Portland but cleaner. We're also teaching a family of three, the mom Brandy is all down for coming to church but they're pretty busy and haven't been able to come to church yet. David is another investigator who we helped stop drinking and stop chewing. He'll be getting baptized soon but they're moving into Matthews ward before that which borders our area but is in a whole other stake so that's kind of a bummer, but we're really excited for him. There are a few others we're teaching but those are our regulars. We spend a lot of time finding though. On Saturday we biked like 20 miles to go see a referral we received. We would have waited till we got the car back but we're supposed to contact referals within 24 hours of receiving them and they didn't have a phone number. So we spent like 2 hours riding way the heck to the other side of the area and they weren't even home. So we went and got dinner at Cookout up the road and then came back and they still weren't home. Then we biked 2 hours home, it was great! For real though my quads are off the wazoo right now though.

On Thursday night we were biking home from an appointment in the dark and we cut through a local park to get home faster. Elder Snyder was in front of me and we hit this stair set and at the bottom he wrecked hard and almost flew into the pond. After I knew he was okay it was super funny. I honestly thought I was going to have to jump in the pond and save him😂

We also helped some of the senior missionaries at the mission home this week with a bed frame. Elder Zwich of the seventy is coming in a few weeks to speak and I guess he's staying at the mission home. Its pretty crazy how close we live to president.

So now I'm just getting really excited for General Conference. I've been listening to a lot of past General Conference talks in the mornings. I listened to the "Purifying Power of Gethsemene"! It was really really good! 

I hope you guys have a great spring break! Don't do anything too crazy without me!

Love ya!

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