Monday, March 14, 2016

Settling in to Providence

Hey y'all,

First off, thank you so much for the wonderful birthday presents! My birthday was kinda wired because no one really knew it was my birthday, but for some reason the family that brought us dinner that night brought a cake too no knowing it was my birthday. Tender mercies from the Lord! It was pretty great and overall I had a wonderful birthday!

This week things started getting a little better. We put two people on date for baptism and last night we had dinner with a family we're teaching. It seems like missionary work here is a lot slower and requires a lot more patience, but has a greater reward. For example, one of the recent converts here is named Abel, and he is one of the most spiritual people I've met. He's great to take to lessons and his whole family is going to the temple to be sealed together in a few months. The baptisms here are harder to come by, but tend to stay more active.

The ward members here are really fun! Saturday night they had us judge the pinewood derby and it was great. Tons of people were there and they even had a GoPro hooked up to a tv screen so you could see the finish line from the crowed. I had to ref who won. Luckily there weren't too many close calls so I don't think I've offended anyone yet.

I also went on exchange with my district leader to Weddington. That was pretty fun. We also had zone conference and they had us skype one of the sister missionaries that was on The District videos. She talked a lot about how we can fulfill our missionary purpose in any situation and also about how The District was filmed. It was a pretty cool zone meeting, a lot different than any I've ever been to.

Yesterday we also talked to some drunk dude that showed is his detailed sketch of how the assignation attempt on Ronald Ragan was fraud. So that was cool.

But yeah I'd love to hear how you guys are doing! I really like reading your emails so keep sending them! 

Elder Earnest

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