Monday, May 2, 2016

I guess he's allergic to fish...

This week was great. We've really been putting a lot of effort into planning and finding and it's starting to finally pay off. On Friday we were talking to this guy who was fixing his car and some other guy walked out of his apartment and call over to us. He came up and introduced himself and asked us a bit about what we do and then requested for us to come and teach him later that day. That kind of thing literally never happens unless they just want to bible bash with us so I was pretty much convinced he was just a preacher that wanted to anti us. At lunch I was tabbing all my theological warfare bible verses so I could be quick to the draw if I need to defend myself. (I've been antied before and it's way more fun when you're winning). So we show up to the appointment and he invites us in and has us sit down in his living room. We start chatting, trying to get to know him a little better, and it turns out he's been searching through churches for a long time and just feels all the ones he's been to are corrupt. Now he's looking for more truth and wants to hear what we have to say. So we taught him the restoration and he ate it up, absolutely loved it. We taught him again last night, about the Book of Mormon, with a member and he can't wait to have us back again. His name is Allen and he's a single father of four and like the best investigator I've ever had. And it's totally heaven sent that we met him because there was really no reason we should have been up there that day. It was only because all of our appointments fell through and we were desperate for someone to talk to.

Earlier in the week I went on exchange with Elder Watson. He's from Sandy, Utah and was trained by my MTC companion, Elder Hampshire. When he was 13 he got leukemia and almost died and has a super strong testimony. It was a great exchange. As we were walking up to one of our appointments we noticed a raccoon poking its head out of the chimney. When we asked the member about it he told us it's been clawing at his walls and asked us to go get it out of the chimney. The only reason we agreed to help was because Elder Watson used to work for his uncle's company "Critter Wranglers" and has some experience in raccoon removal. So we start rummaging around the back yard looking for some kind of rope to use to get the raccoon out but all we could find was an extension chord. We tied the extension chord in a slip knot and Elder Watson stuffed it down the chimney and started bouncing it up and down. Then he looked at me and was like "he's ticked off" and he pulls super hard to try and snag it, then he yells "crap he's charging!" And runs back towards me. It wasn't until that point I thought about what we were planning to do if we actually snagged the raccoon. The raccoon didn't end up coming out of the chimney and we eventually gave up due to poor equipment, but next time we'll come back more prepared.

We also had interviews with President this week. He told me I'm about to "light this area on fire". He also used the phrase pistol whip somewhere in our interview and I remember thinking it was pretty funny but I can't remember the context.

Last night we had dinner with a great family in our ward, the Tousas. We showed up and I could tell by the smell we were having fish. Mom: I remember telling you a few years back I was allergic to fish because I had salmon that one time and threw up that night and you told me it was just bad salmon. Well you were wrong. I am most definitely allergic to fish. So I'm sitting at the Tousas and they pull this huge salmon out of the oven and put it on the table and just by the scent and sight I know my stomach doesn't want any of that (remember it was fast Sunday too so it wasn't just I don't like fish because I'll eat just about anything when I break a fast). I couldn't be rude though so I just took a little and put it down with mash potatoes. Bad idea. We get on our bikes after dinner and start heading back towards our apartment and I'm feeling pretty queasy. By the time we got back I had a killer headache and was definitely going to throw up. IM FREAKIN ALLERGIC TO FISH, MOM!!!!! The thing that sucked is we had a solid appointment with Allen that I did not want to miss
so I was like, whatever, I've got to magnify my calling. So I go in the bathroom and try to get it to just come up stream, but it ain't coming. I was scared to death we were gonna show up at Allen's and I'd puke everywhere so I sat down and just relaxed a bit. I was still feeling really sick as we walked up to Allen's but I just held it in
and toughed it out. Ended up making it out alright and never threw up, but I was still feeling pretty sick this morning when I woke up. I'm never eating fish again, that was awful.

Sunday we're eating dinner with the Grants (hopefully not fish), and they said we can FaceTime from there. (Side note:  Mother's Day and Christmas day are the two days each year missionaries can call or FaceTime their families.)  The Grants are probably my favorite family here, they've got a ton of little kids and a blast to eat dinner with. I attached pictures from when they took us out to ice cream. 

I love you guys and can't wait to talk to to y'all in a few days!

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