Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey guys,

Glad you made it home safe and that you had so much fun! My week was really strange and I can't remember a lot of it. On Friday night I got a terrible stomach ache and threw up and then threw up again the next morning. So Saturday was mostly spent resting and contacting people over Facebook. Thursday we had interviews with President Alexander and that went all right I guess. I found out the Alexander's are actually good friends with my MTC branch president, Dave Durfee, which is a pretty crazy coincidence. Wendnesday no one had miles to drive to a church building so district meeting was held over Skype. And yesterday we went to a fireside President had for recent converts and investigators in Winston. We brought an investigator named Shakira and her two year old daughter named Janyla (Ja-nal-a). I was trying to keep Nala quiet with my iPad during meeting when all of a suddenly she looked up at her mom and said "you gonna hit me?". Shakira was like "what? No!" And then Nala stands up a little to show she's peed all over the chair and goes "you gonna hit me?". Needless to say, no one got hit but I still had to clean up a chair with pee on it.  

But yeah time is flying and the work keeps moving. I find myself going through the motions sometimes with everything going on. I think that can be dangerous for missionaries, especially ones that still have a year left to serve. Our mission president asked us to really deeply study the first chapter from Preach My Gospel titled "Our Missionary Purpose". I feel often missionaries get so caught up in all the crazies of being a missionary they forget why they're really out here serving. Hopefully I'll never find myself at that point. 

District meeting pics:

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