Monday, February 13, 2017

So perfect timing on the $40 because today is our 'treat yo self' day. Honestly I think I prefer the money over a package. We're at South Park mall living it up. I bought a new suit, and it's slick. Got a super good deal on it, 20% off and it's some solid material. I tend to wear a suit like every other day here and with only two suits I'm running out of variety. Plus I want them to last and it'd be good to get another in the rotation. Elder Peterson and Elder Everett both bought the same suit as me so we'll all be twinning. Oh yeah totally forgot to tell y'all. Last week when we were driving back from Greensboro we got a call from an unknown number. It's Elder Klebingat of the 70, he gave a really good talk in conference titled 'Approaching the Throne of God With Confidence'.  Anyway he wants to get a hold of President asap but Pres is in interviews with missionaries so we give him Sister Alexander's number. The next day we find out Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve is coming to our mission in like a month with Elder Klebingat. He's having a big meeting with our whole mission on Saturday and then Sunday all 7 stakes in our mission are going to a giant conference in Charlotte. I'm gonna hear an apostle speak in the  Bojangles colosseum!!! So of course we all had to get new suits and the rest of 'em are buying new shoes too but I just got some so I'll hold off.

Transfers happened last week. We picked up the new missionaries and brought them to the mission home Monday night. Had dinner there and told them what North Carolina was like. Then the next day we got up and trained them and sent them off with their new companions. We also had MLC this week which was pretty crazy because they happen once a month and I feel like we just had one. I conducted and Elder Peterson and I trained on the Book of Mormon. After that I went on exchange with Elder Murray. He's from Idaho and goes home in a few weeks. We taught a ton of people, which was super nice, and even found a new person to teach! The next day we drove up to Mt. Airy (aka the place Andy Griffith was filmed) and went to Elder Zesinger's district meeting. And then after that we went to this Mexican restaurant and the owner loves missionaries so he have us all like a huge discount! It was great.

We also dropped Elder Blanco this week. I was pretty sad, but I'll see him soon. Took him to the Holy Stake and Hoagie, best sandwich in town. I'm actually on my way there now #TreatYOSelf.

Alright time to play some bball. Thanks again for the Valentine's money! Hope y'all have a great week.

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