Monday, February 27, 2017

This week went real quick. I went on exchange in Reedy Creek with Elder Jackson. Started off the exchange right with all you can eat sushi at Pisces uptown. It was the best thing ever. Then we taught a few people and went to go contact a referral who just happened to live next door to their investigator, Mupeni. As we arrived I could hear screaming and wailing from one of the homes and Mupeni's brother came out to greet us. He informed us that Mupení had died two hours earlier. The whole family just moved here from Africa and couldn't speak a lick of English. They had us come in and sit on their couch and they were just absolutely hysterical. It was really sad. All the women were singing and yelling in Swahili and the men were all somber just staring at the floor with wet eyes. It was really a miracle we just happened to be there that night because of the referral they received. It was comforting to be able to hug them goodbye and tell them it would be okay because they'll see their brother again. It was pretty awkward though because while we were sitting there the mom, who was this gigantic African women, leaned hard core onto Elder Jackson and just sobbed all over him. 

I also went on exchanges with Elder Hampshire. It was fun to be with him again. We hit up the crepe shop in High Point, best crepes ever. They had a super good Zone Meeting, the Alexander's grandkids were visiting and they went too. Their 12 and 14 year old were better teachers than some of the missionaries in the room. Some real protégées there. The theme was of course, the family. Particularly ohana and focusing on making sure none of our spiritual brothers and sisters get left behind. At then end we all sang the EFY theme song and it was pretty spiritual. Everyone was crying. 

Yes, Selena was baptized!!!! It was pretty great. Her mom is a member but doesn't ever come to church and her neighbor/close friend Leticia just got baptized with her family in December. The missionaries have tried with her for a long time, but it never really clicked until she had a close friend to go to church with. Now we're teaching her other friend Ariana and their other neighbor too.  

Alright I love y'all! 

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