Monday, February 20, 2017

Sup guys.

So I had no idea they were going to teach Aliyah in our home so when I Skyped in the other night I was kinda surprised. Luckily President is still cool with it as long as we keep it purpose driven and don't let it get me home sick or anything.

This week was kinda weird, I went on exchange with Greensboro and Gastonia. It involved a ton of driving. I listened to this talk while we were driving called "The True Meaning of the Atonement" by Cleon Skousen. It was super good. I really enjoyed it. When I was in Gastonia I was with Elder Brown who's from Sandy, Oregon. He played water polo for Sandy which means we played each other a few times. Small world. I also met the new office couple today and they're really good friends with the Carrs in our ward. The Deweys, the other office couple, used to live in Corvallis and they know the Schultzes.

This next week S is getting baptized. She's come along pretty well. It's been really nice because L is really good friends with her. L's whole family just got baptized and we've been teaching S at their house. G is on the stop smoking lesson again. He's doing alright with it. Yesterday we stopped by after church and caught him smoking. He'd literally been home like 3 mins from church and he lit one up. Dang it, G. Then when we left his place we waited down the road and like a minute after we left he came out and went to ask this bum hanging out outside for a cigarette and we pulled up really quick and he saw us and hid behind a tree. It was pretty funny. He still went to ARP that night and called us this morning to stay accountable. He's doing pretty good now😂

Maxwell flipped a cow when he found out an apostle is coming. It was really funny. He wants me to record his life story and write a book about it so I'm pretty pumped. If you can send the audio recorder by the first week of March that'd be great because Elder Cook will be here on the 10th.

Today we played sand volleyball and rugby with the Zone. That was pretty dope. This week I'm going on exchange with High Point! I'm pumped for that. I can't think of much else that happened. Pretty fast week yet not much happened. We did go to this super great crepe place! It was delicious. Okay I love y'all!

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