Monday, April 3, 2017

Howdy y'all! I hope y'ins are having a grand time in the ol' city of Salt Lake. Conference was amazing wasn't it? I'm pretty jealous Dad got to go to the priesthood session. That was probably one of the best sessions of conference I've ever seen! How'd all the young men like it? I tried looking for you, but I guess the camera man wasn't feeling it.

This has been a little bit of a rough week. It's always an awkward adjustment getting a new companion who doesn't know the area yet. Elder Hatch is the best, though! We're having so much fun. But it's been wild. On Wednesday we got a call from President and he asked us to have an Elder in our companionship for a few days. Turns out he needed to take care of a few things and ended up going home on Saturday. I'm pretty sad he's gone, but I'm happy he had the courage to go and talk to President about it. So having him with us kinda threw our week off a bit. On Friday evening we got a call letting him know his flight was going to be Saturday at 6:30 so we ended up staying up until 1 helping him pack all his stuff and then got up at 5 to take him to the airport. There was another night this week we had a different Elder stay with us that was going home because of depression and earlier in the week we had to get up to take Elder Peterson to the airport. It's been pretty rough on the sleep schedule.

Because of all this jazz we weren't able to get much work done. So Sunday comes around and we haven't found any new investigators and we've got like a half an hour left in the day so we say a prayer and hit the skreet and found 3 new investigators! One is the wife of a different investigator and they've got like 9 kids and the other two are a mom and daughter that seem pretty nice. So that was my little miracle for the week. We also taught a family from Syria this week! They've only been here like 5 months so we took a recent convert that speaks Arabic to help, but it turns out their English was solid. Pretty neat experience, but they're not looking to convert, just study the Book of Mormon. We gave them one in Arabic so hopefully they'll read it.

This week we've got MLC and an exchange in Winston. I'm pretty excited to get back to the regular flow of things. It seemed like the last few weeks were a little weird. Probably because Elder Peterson was going home. Our investigator pool has kinda shrunk lately, so I'm hoping to find some solid people in the next few days. Our excommunicated member we're working with has been doing really well. He's come to church the past few weeks and hasn't missed a day of reading scriptures. I'm hoping to see him re-baptized before I leave.

(In response to my question about whether he likes sushi since fish makes him sick.) Yeah, I guess I like sushi? I'm not really one for eating out but if I'm going to eat out sushi would be my first choice. Unlike most food, you don't feel terrible after eating it. Turns out raw fish doesn't bother my stomach at all. We went to this place called Brazilian Cafe this week and I ate a slab of raw tuna. Pretty good stuff. Also we got crepes with Elder Monteleone, the guy in the picture below, and it was soooooo good. Then it totally wrecked our stomachs. Awful!

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