Monday, April 24, 2017

Sup y'all,

So this week was a little rough. Had a lot of investigators drop off the ol' ship Zion. But at least that means we get to go find new, more elect ones right? So there's that. One of them was pretty solid till he got anti-ed. And the other ones are just not very committable. We went and saw Gary Ny, who we've taught on and off over the past few months. He answered the door wearing a ball cap and holding a banana and his left eye was shut. It looked a  little swollen and he doesn't live in the best part of town so my first instinct was that he got mugged or something. So I asked him what happened to his eye and sure enough he tells us he got punched in the face. Then I asked him when it happened and he was like "about 3 years ago." He says it super casually too and takes big bite out of  his banana as he's sitting down on a chair. I was like "3 years ago!? This is the first day I've seen your eye closed like this and we've been over a lot the past few months." And he goes "yeah they punched me pretty hard"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚  (looking back on it we think he may have been high) I was like "yeah they punched you pretty hard!" Elder Hatch and I were dying laughing because he was being so casual about it all. So I jokingly say "you know if you run that banana on your eye it'll make it feel better." And Elder Hatch pipes in with "it's the potassium, kinda like how they put cucumbers on people's eyes." So Gary looks at the banana and then starts rubbing into his eye, I was completely taken aback that he actually stuck the banana in his eye. The funniest part was the eye started to open up and he was like "wow this is really working!" And then he starts putting it into the other eye that's not even hurt and there's chunks of banana all over his face and he's giggling like a little girl and Elder Hatch and I are crying on the ground it was so funny. And Gary's all like "wow, that really helped thanks guys!" Then we tell him he's got banana all over his face so he steps back into his apartment to clean it off and I hear this thug guy who's street name is NewYork inside go "Yo Gary! What's all over your face man!" It was one of the funniest things I've seen on my mission.

Danny didn't come to church yesterday, but we have a lesson with her at a member's home this evening. I'm pretty excited for that. I really feel like she and her daughter will get baptized. We also met a stellar part member family yesterday who just needs their 16 year daughter to be baptized and they want to go get sealed in the temple this summer. They'll be really fun to work with. So to answer your question, no we don't get a ton of time in our area but the time we do have we make it work. President expects us to have a model area for the rest of the mission which is kinda stressful seeing as how we've got a lot of other stuff to do, but we just find a way to get everything done. There's always a way with proper planning.

I also saw Liam Galvin this week! He came to Charlotte with his family and took us out to lunch. Sounds like he's coming to Oregon the week of the 14th-18th. He's going to school in Canada so I won't get to see him much, but in excited to take him all around Oregon.

So that's about it. This week is Zone conference week so I'll be driving all over the place. Today for p-day it was Elder Caroll's birthday so we went to a trampoline place and played dodgeball. There were some kids there that were probably about 12th grade or so. They had 8 people and we had 7 so we challenged them to dodge ball and had a great time.

Sure love ya!

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