Monday, April 17, 2017

Howdy y'all!

It's been a good week. Yesterday we had an investigator named Danny and her daughter Kiara come to church for the first time. It was pretty exciting for us - we've been trying really hard to get her there and it seemed like she really enjoyed it. Her brother, Kristyle, got baptized in December so we're hoping he can be the one to baptize her. Maxwell was also there in his all white suit and alligator pointed shoes. It's was real good.

On Saturday Naima, Leticia, and Selena went to the temple for the first time. That was great. It's always fun to see recent converts go within the first 6 months of their baptism. It's a pretty good indicator of lasting conversion. We've got to work on getting Maxwell there now.

We also found this lady named Julie who's read all the standard works and went to church for a long time in a different part of North Carolina. The only thing holding her back from baptism is her husband and her feeling like it's not the right time yet. She said we could come over and visit anytime, so I'm hoping we'll be able to resolve some of her concerns and get her going to church again.

I also got to go on an exchange to Welcome this week. It started off with Elder Hatch and Hampshire driving away back to Charlotte with our car keys and quickly discovering our phone was dead. Once that fiasco was over with things went a lot better. The next day was the ward Easter activity so I got to see a ton of the members. It was nice to be back. We also did exchanges with Greensboro, which ends up being sooooo much driving. I hate driving these days.

For P-Day we went and played a ton of beach volleyball at a member's with some more missionaries. It was pretty fun. My volleyball skills are pretty bad, but other than that it was a jolly good time.

Welp I guess I'll hear from you next week!

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