Monday, January 4, 2016

Busy missionaries

Glad to hear ya'll had a good New Year! Mine consisted of playing some indoor spike ball, going to bed at 10:30, and then getting woken up at 12 by people going crazy on my skreet.

It's been a pretty rad week. Yesterday between investigators and less actives we had over 20 people come to church. A good chunk of them were investigator's children, but that was still really great to see. We finally got the overflow doors opened in sacrament which was a big deal. Made me pretty happy.

We also got over 20 Bible referals last week (that's just when people order free Bibles online and we go to drop them off). We were out of Bibles so we axed the zone leaders to grab us more at MLC in Charlotte. They brought us four. Apparently that was all the mission had left, so we've had fun deciding  who gets Bibles and who doesn't
for now.

Grandma Ann will be happy to know I started Johnny up on family history. He started from scratch and traced his main line all the way back to 300 A.D. I guess it's way more fun to do family history when most of it isn't already done.....he's also interviewing for the priesthood on Sunday!

So I thought of one other thing about the sacrament I didn't mention last week. Moses 3:5 says "this is my work and my glory; to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life or man." Immortality requires overcoming physical death and eternal life requires overcoming spiritual death. The bread and water in the sacrament is symbolic of
Christ's body that died for us (allowing us to overcome physical death) and his blood that was shed in the Garden of Gethsemane (allowing us to overcome spiritual death). So by taking the sacrament you qualify yourself to overcome physical and spiritual death and literally take part in God's work and glory. Neato right?

So I took plenty of pictures for you this week. Here's us trying to fix a busted headlight fuse, giving service to Brother B, and me making myself a grill cheesed sandwich. I'm living the real exciting life.

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