Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowin' in VA

We got a ton of snow! It started Thursday evening and didn't stop snowing 'til Saturday night. I think it was like 18 inches that fell and we obviously couldn't use the car so Elder Everett and I went around shoveling snow for investigators and less actives. The missionary work was a bit slow, but we made the best of it. It was really funny though because everyone here is terrified of snow so when they heard it was gonna snow they went and bought  ALL the eggs, bread, and milk at the stores so when we went shopping today they were completely out. We were also trying to set up return appointments earlier in the week and people would say "you know it's gonna snow right?" or once it snowed people would be like "what'chu doing out here in the cold? You gonna catch a cold and die!"  Like we couldn't have lessons because it was snowing outside. Anyways, it's super sunny and nice here now so I doubt the snow will last long.

The four of us are having a great time. Our new missionary is Elder Galvin from Calgary Canada. He's a fantastic missionary so I'm really glad he's here. We ended up having a bit of a "draft pick" over our investigators to see who would teach who, but we still have plenty of people to teach. Elder Galvin also has pretty similar music taste
as me so it's been fun talking about bands and music and poking fun at him because he's been out longer than me so I've heard some newer music he hasn't.

Church was cancelled yesterday which kinda sucked because a few of our investigators' baptism dates had to be pushed back, but what eves. We had permission to take the sacrament, though, which was really nice and really spiritual. We had a mini sacrament meeting among the four of us; Elder Andersen conducted and Elder Galvin and I gave talks.

As far as investigators, we've got a few on date, one of which has already read the Book of Mormon and is definitely going to be a temple worker one day. It feels really good to be baptizing people you know are going to stay active.

I thought I might fill ya'll in on some southern (Danvillian) slang. A lot of people here use the phrase "I'm in the process" like "I'm in the process of moving" or "I'm in the process of recovering from a surgery". Another great one is "thing of it is" like "thing of it is, they gonna shut my lights off". "Fixin to" is another great one; "I'm fixin to buy me a new one". But my favorite one is "white truck". Literally every car in Danville is a white truck, or at least
that's what they refer to it as. For example: we were helping a lady with her groceries at the food bank we volunteer at and we asked where her car was and she said the white truck over there. Elder Everett said "you mean the grey suburban?" And she said yeah. I thought it was just kind of a weird thing, but it happened to us a bunch that day and none of them were white trucks. Not really sure what that's all about....

Jonas's video was great! Tell him we all had fun watching it. 

Okay here's some pictures to clear up who's who. I love y'all

Elder Everett (my Alaskan companion):

Elder Andersen (from Eugene, OR):

Home, sweet home:


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