Monday, January 18, 2016

Still in Danville....

I'm staying in Danville! Pretty stoked. So Elder Andersen is getting a new companion. Elder Everett and I will be together, but Elder Andersen and his new companion will be here in Danville too. There's just too much work for one companionship here so they decided to put another set in. We'll be in the same house still, which should be fun, and I'll be finishing Elder Everett's training. So now I'm locked in to being in Danville nearly 8 months. 

This week I've been studying the atonement a lot.  My understanding and appreciation for the atonement has exploded this week. I'm also almost done with the Book of Mormon! It's funny because I really want to finish just so I can read 1 Nephi again; the books in Nephi are my favorite.

We had a district meeting in Casswell and afterwards we went to a member's house for lunch. I guess he's  really into antiques because his home was like a museum. Everything in there was antique.  I was scared to sit down because I thought the chairs were going to snap! He made us really good banana pudding (I think that's a southern thing) and he showed us all his old stuff. He also has a couple of old cabins on his property that he had moved and rebuilt there. The one in the picture was made in the 1700's. I think Uncle Danford would have really liked this guy.  He lived just up the road from Danford's parents so he may know the guy.

Other than that nothing much exciting has happened. I bought an electric razor today, that was pre cool! Let me know if there's anything else you want to hear about because I feel like I can never think of anything

Sure love ya!


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