Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey Ya'll!

This week flew by! We had a meeting in Charlotte on Tuesday and another meeting in Greensboro on Thursday. On the way to Charlotte Brother B almost ran into a barrier and light pole at 50 mph. Brother H was riding passenger and yelled at him and pulled the wheel. We did a nice little skid out Fast and Furious style. After that we stopped at a gas station and Brother H drove the rest of the way. Brother H said the only reason we didn't crash was because we were in the car. There was only about 15 feet of stopping distance and we should have hit that pole. Honestly I wasn't even scared, just at little confused and tired because it was 6 A.M. Both of our meetings were really good though! There's also a worldwide mission conference a week from Wednesday that I'm pretty excited about. 

Can't remember what day this was, but we had to call the police for the third time on my mission. One of our investigator's wife went missing for 12 hours and she was mentally unstable.  He was too distraught to call so we called for him to see if anyone had found her anywhere. Elder Andersen dialed the wrong number, though, so someone got a call from some Mormon missionaries wanting to file a missing persons report. It turns out she was at the hospital the whole time and no one notified her husband. Kinda weird that they didn't tell her husband,but she's doing a lot better now which it good because now she can get baptized with him!

It's actually sortta getting cold here! Like low fifties, high fourties, however yesterday was beautiful! It was really sunny and nice out, felt like it was still summertime.

On Friday night our high councilman from our ward took us and the Casswell elders (he's from the Casswell Ward) out to eat. Casswell is also in a trio and consists of a 260 lb Samoan, a six foot tall 240 lb whiter than white Utah elder, and a 180lb military cut Californian. Even with us Danville shrimps we weighed close to 1500 lbs all
together, and he took us to Buffalo Wild Wings. Heavenly Father must have known I'd be too tempted to watch "worldly entertainment" though because the only thing on was WNBA...

(In response to Mom's questions:)  I've been cooking a bit more for myself lately. Made a few chicken pot pies and lots of rice and soup. I've been studying the Book of Mormon and the New Testament, I wanna read the full missionary library by the end of the year so that's kept me busy.

Anyways I love ya'll

Elder Earnest

 Pot Pie
 Johnny's baptism

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