Monday, May 16, 2016

Fishers of men

Hey Y'all!

We've had a nice week here. Allen had us over for breakfast Saturday morning and I made him 7 layer bars to thank him for his kindness. He's also having us teach his kids now and seems to be pretty interested in the church.  We're really excited for him and his family.

We also had zone conference on Wednesday. President talked a lot about repentance and how we need to make sure we're teaching repentance before baptism. A lot of missionaries are so focused on getting someone baptized they don't even think about teaching repentance first. So he did a training on teaching different commandments with repentance as the focus. He also told me and elder Snyder he wants to come out teaching with us this week which would be super fun, so I'm looking forward to that.

Today we had district activity. I got one of the less active returning members to take our district out fishing. We went to this stocked pond in a neighborhood just across the street from where we live. There were tons of blue gills and most of the missionaries caught one. There were tons of turtles, too, so Elder Watson and I got this great idea to use one of the small fish we caught as bait to get a turtle. Worked super good and we ended up catching this giant turtle. All in all it was a really fun p-day.

Earlier in the week Elder Snyder and I rode our bikes by this lady trying to break into her car. She had locked her keys in there and was using a coat hanger to pry it open. We stopped and offered to help.  Turns out Elder Snyder is really good at breaking into cars! She said she was really familiar with our church and we left her a pass along card so who knows, maybe she'll want to learn more now!

We were also teaching this guy named Tommy who went to this Christian high school around here that won't let Mormons go to school there and pretty much indoctrinates it's students with anti-Mormon info. He gave me this list of "false" prophecies from Joseph Smith to look at to prove he wasn't a real prophet. On our way back from dinner we looked at them with Brother Anderson, a really smart seminary teacher in our ward,  and literally all of them were actually fulfilled or were taken way out of context. So that should be fun going back to tell him they're all garbage and if he isn't interested in joining our church we can't meet anymore.

Welp, I'm off to have dinner with the Clowards! Hope y'all have a great week and can't wait to here from yins soon!

Shopping in South Carolina "'cause it's cheaper":

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