Monday, May 9, 2016

Staying busy

Hey Guys!

It was nice talking with y'all yesterday. Kinda weird how long it's been since we actually spoke, but I guess that's missionary life.

This week we taught Allen again (the single dad of four kids). He's really great and is more in tune with spiritual promptings than any other investigator I've had. I'm fairly positive that if he keeps reading and praying like he's doing, he'll be baptized next month. My district is doing crazy good all of a sudden! Literally everyone in the district has a solid baptism lined up for the end of May, except for us. Weddington had an absolute miracle with some lady and her daughter randomly visiting our church and now they're getting baptized in two weeks. The sisters have a really good investigator named Helen from Nigeria getting baptized and Pineville baptizes about every month anyways. So that's got me feeling pretty good!

The guy we had lined up to get baptized this week is kinda falling off. I don't think he wants to quit drinking coffee and I'm starting to think he's not ready to be baptized. He's come to church every week since June so not really sure what to do with him.

On Saturday we did a ton of service. In the morning we went to the Whitmans' and pulled weeds. It was pretty fun because I got to talk to Brother Whitman all about law school. There's a ton of lawyers here and I've learned a lot about law schooling and jobs and whatnot. I've been thinking if the whole animation program doesn't work out that might be a nice back up. I can get a degree in physics or chemical or nuclear engineering, and then go to law school and be a patent lawyer. There's a ton of demand for them right now and I'd be able to study something I love and still make money.

I had Elder Dortch come here on exchange this week. He's from Idaho and is just about done with his mission. We had a really good exchange! I received a few spiritual promptings that we followed and ended up with a Book of Mormon placed and found some new people to teach. That's been something I've been really working on, recognizing and following spiritual promptings. It's been nice on my bikes these last few weeks because it gives me a lot of time to think and feel out spiritual promptings.

We've also got zone conference coming up this week. It'll be fun to see president Alexander and Elder Clarke. The stake has been asked to start making goals with us in ward council and I'm hoping he'll give us some training on it. The mission is really starting to focus in on sacrament meeting attendance and new investigators. I think Elder Zwick gave a bunch of council on that when he was here.

Today we've got zone activity at the church, should be pretty fun. Looks like we're playing volleyball­čśĆ

Here's a baptism picture of a family I taught for a long time in Danville. Elder Everett (the one I trained form Alaska) is on the left and Elder Galvin is on the right (Canadian)

And then there's Sam holding a baby raccoon...I hope it isn't rabid...

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