Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey y'all!

Shirley and her kids came to church yesterday!!! It was her daughter's first time there and I was a little nervous she wouldn't like it, but our ward is the best at fellowshipping. She was telling her mom they needed to come back on the 28th because the young women were going to be celebrating her birthday and that there's a youth activity soon she really wants to go to and how she made a friend that'll be a freshman at her high school with her next year. Perfect. Now we've just got to figure out her younger daughter, Dainger. Isn't that like the coolest name ever!? She's like 13 or so and doesn't want to give up tea.  We had a Boston tea party and looted all the tea from their home. Yesterday we taught the youth a combined 5th Sunday lesson and we did a "check out" where everyone said one thing they wanted to do different or work on and Dainger said give up coffee, so that's a start. But I'm super pumped because it sounds like Shirley's going to set the example for her kids and get baptized on the 20th!!!! Oh yeah, Shirley was on fire yesterday at church too!!!! In Gospel Principles she was answering questions and making comments all up the wazzoo! It was great, I'm so happy for their family. She starts her new job today so pray all goes well with them.

I'm really loving this Ward. Yesterday was 5th Sunday and I was actually kinda sad there was no council. Our bishop is super missionary minded and could easily be mistaken for Brother Loving in looks and personality. I swear they even have the same voice...  

Today we went golfing again with the High Point district! I did a lot better and pretty much bogeyed every hole. The Elder I rode with was Elder Ward. He shot a perfect 36. Parred all but two, and birdied the 17th hole. We played the back 9 this time and it was still a pretty fun course. Elder Ward, as you can tell, is crazy good at golfing.

Tomorrow we have MLC in Charlotte (mission leadership council). Me, Elder Toki, Elder Galvin (the one from Danville) and Elder Peterson (My last zone leader) will be singing a musical number. Pray that goes well because the last one me and Elder Glavin preformed didn't go so well.

So yeah, good stuff happening here! Alright I love you guys so much!!!!

Elder Earnest 

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