Monday, August 15, 2016

Wow, lots of new things happening...

Well that's exciting about our new Stake Presidency! As a Zone Leader we work pretty close with the Stake Presidency. Right now we're helping them change the was Ward councils are run. As I've mentioned, Welcome has a stellar Ward council and a stellar bishop to lead it. It's funny because the areas and companionships that struggle to find, teach, and baptized are also the ones who's Ward councils meet only once a month or don't operate well.

You have to promise to take me on a vacation back to NC in a year so we can go see Shirley's family be sealed in the temple! The whole family is going to be baptized this Saturday and I'm so pumped! They've come a long way, especially Shirley.

I got to go on exchange with Elder Andersen, my second companion, this week! It was pretty fun, we went and did service at a huge food bank and moved giant 1,000 lb pallets of food around. Then right after that I went down to Salisbury. It was a quick exchange. I was with Elder Marsh. Oh and in between we had a zone conference on technology use. President went out a bought an air compressor and had us build paper rockets to shoot off at the end. Most people's rockets just exploded and then it started raining.

We also found a few new people to teach. One was a referral from a member. Her name is Linda and at first she really didn't want to talk with us. Then we got her to sit down and taught the restoration and she was super into it. She really wants to come to church and read the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was strong. Hopefully we can help her get there! Another guy we found is named Dwayne. He's living with his less active grandparents right now because his grandfather broke his leg and needs help. 

Today we had Zone Activity. We went to a park and played kick ball. Now I'm on exchange with high point, so I'm pretty excited. 

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