Monday, August 22, 2016


So, Shirley and Courtney and Dainger and David got confirmed yesterday! That was really cool to see. We had a ward missionary baptize them. The service was really well prepared and a lot of people attended. This ward is the best. I never really thought of it before this weekend, but I guess it's pretty rare for a full family to join together. I'm just happy I was able to be there for it. On the mission Facebook I posted a picture and said "Elder Cravey found them, Elder Smith and Elder Toki taught them, and I was blessed enough to see them baptized." I think it's crazy how each of us play little parts in the work and it all gets done. There was a girl in Danville that got baptized a few weeks ago that Elder Clarke and I found about a year ago. I think that's the way we stay humble as missionaries and why we don't get transferred. If we all just do little parts here and there no one can really say "look what I did" but more "look what I was a part of".

So today we're going to the Zoo! I'm in the car with Elder Andersen right now. (2nd comp from Danville that lives in Eugene). He just became a district leader so I'll be able to go on a lot more exchanges with him. The Asheboro Zoo is a pretty big deal, I guess. It's the biggest one in NC and I've heard great things about it so I'm super excited.

Lunch at the Yeoman's was super fun! I learned sooooo much about you mom. Oh yeah, I didn't know Grandpa Bob's movie collection was that old!!!!! Dang Gina, he's had that forever. Brother Yeoman was talking about how y'all would always throw parties in the basement and then he asked about grandpa's movie collection. I about died laughing.  They were super nice and I had a good time! Sadly, I was starting to get sick and was a little off; I hope they didn't notice. I woke up with a pretty bad head cold the next day that lasted the rest of the week.

...just got back from the was pretty fun. We went in this dome that was a "desert dome" and it had a bunch of sagebrush and other desert stuff and I felt like I was home! The craziest part was they even had dehumidified the air, I forgot what normal air feels like!

I love you!

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