Monday, October 24, 2016

Hey y'all!

Honestly I can't really remember much of last week. It went pre' fast. But I'll do my best to access my excess random memories.

On Tuesday I went on exchange to Kernersville with Elder Zesiger. He's been out two transfers now and is a really solid missionary. It wasn't the most eventful exchange; we pretty much just knocked doors the whole time and talked. We did have dinner with a super nice family though! It was pretty funny, as we were walking up to the house I mentioned to Elder Z "I hope they didn't make fish...I'm sorta allergic." Then we walked in the door and the first thing the guy said was "hope y'all like fish!" Luckily it wasn't salmon. He'd made fish tacos with tilapia, and they turned out pretty good.

Wednesday was nothing but meetings. First we had district meeting - we attended the High Point district's. Their district leader was just called so we came to see how he was doing and he was super solid. Right after that we got lunch and went to a meeting with Brother Dedios. He's in our ward, but serves on the high council and just got called to be the High Councilmen over missionary work. I was a little bummed because I REALLY wanted him to be called as our new WML, but I guess he needs to use his amazing missionary/ Ward council knowledge to influence the whole stake. Anyways, the meeting was all about this 'three month rolling goals and key indicator program' our mission president is having us roll out to our whole mission. I can't remember if I told y'all about it already, but basically it involves the Ward council setting monthly goals with the missionaries regarding three key indicators. In our mission right now the only 'numbers' that really matter and that we report are New Investigators, Sacrament Attendance, and Baptisms/Confirmations. The three month rolling goals has us set goals, with specific names to back the numbers, with the Ward council for the current month and the upcoming two. Honestly it's completely genius, and has sky rocketed our baptisms in Welcome ward. So far this ward has had 16 convert baptisms in 2016 with another two being baptized this week. If y'all are looking for ways to improve ward councils and increase missionary work (particularly member missionary work) in the stake you should really take a look at this thing dad. President Alexander came up with it with the help of Elders Zwick and Kepishka of the 70, but really it's nothing too different than what the handbook and Preach My Gospel says about Ward councils. It's just organized a certain way.  So anyways, we're trying to get the whole stake (zone) in on it. We've got a meeting next week with the stake president to report on how it's going. He's totally gun ho for it, we've just got to win the trust of the other WMLs and Bishops. After that huge, but very productive, meeting it was time for coordination and dinner at brother Davis's, our current WML. The Davis's have us over for dinner each week and then we have coordination. It's a pretty good deal.

But yeah it's been pretty fun being so involved in Stake leadership. I feel like I really have a good idea of how the church is run now and I've learned so much about what makes a successful Ward council lately. Our mission president is really emphasizing the importance of Ward council and supporting our Bishops. Hopefully I'll be able to soak it all in and remember all this good stuff for any callings I have later in life.

The Lexington BBQ festival and the High Point Furniture Market were this week. Lexington is the BBQ capital of the world and High Point is the furniture capital of the world. Go figure. Elder Toki and I went down to the BBQ festival Saturday evening to get some dinner. Obviously we were thinking about getting some BBQ at the BBQ festival in the BBQ capital of the world. No BBQ. Not a single BBQ stand. Nothing. There were funnel cakes and kettle corn and hot dogs, but no BBQ. I was so mad!

Millicent and the Crouses came to church yesterday! The Crouses are getting baptized this upcoming Sunday and they've ask us to baptize them. I'm hoping we can pawn it off to someone that lives in the Ward. That's always better for retention.

Welp, that's about as much as I can remember. I think I'm going on exchange with Elder Blanco this week so get ready for some deep doctrine in my next email.


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