Monday, October 10, 2016

Hey Y'all,

It's been a wonderful week! The Crouses came to church yesterday and enjoyed it! They're an older couple that haven't been to church in A LONG time. Like so long, their paper records were never transferred over to the computer and they need to get baptized again. Sister Crouse gave up coffee this week too. She gave us her coffee maker and I took it home. I was on exchanges with Elder Beaulieu so I wanted to save the coffee maker to show Elder Toki because we were pretty pumped. When I got up the next morning I found a cockroach on my desk. After a B-line sprint to the toilet paper I examined the scene. I was pretty confused because I haven't seen any roaches in this apartment. Then I realized they were all coming from the coffee maker. Dang it. So now I'm finding an occasional cockroach here and there, pretty lame. But at least she gave up coffee!

As I mentioned, I went on exchange with Elder Beaulieu. He's 4 and a half feet tall and is a really funny guy. His family goes to 'little people' conventions and he says they're crazy.

Nancy is slowly slipping off the boat. She still wants to come to church every week, but she doesn't want to live the word of wisdom. Hopefully time will work on her and she'll be baptized eventually. I found out someone I worked with in Providence for a long time got baptized this week! His name is Ryan and he was ten, mom's a member stepdad isn't. Hopefully the dad will get baptized soon!

We also have this great new investigator named Millicent here in Lexington. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it! I'm really excited for her to come to church next week.

Oh I got the card you sent! I lost our mail key last week and didn't find it till this week so I'm not sure if it got there on Friday, but I really appreciated it and the card made me laugh. We enjoyed some tasty Chinese this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm going down to Charlotte, I'll get to see Elder Galvin and Elder Blanco. Elder Blanco wants me to room with him at BYU with Elder Brown, that could be fun. Guess what I found out this week? I only have 9 months left on my mission!!!!! Isn't that crazy? I kinda stopped keeping track after I hit 6 months..

Elder Earnest

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