Monday, October 3, 2016

It was a pretty okay week. General conference was fun.  We  stayed with the High Point Elders for the weekend to save some miles. (The church is in High Point and is a 40 mile round trip from our apartment). I thought President Monson's talk in priesthood was an interesting topic. My favorite talk was probably Elder Bednar's, it answered a few questions I've had lately about my patriarchal blessing.  I also enjoyed the one about the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon.  [Side note from Sam's mom:  We believe there is a prophet on the earth just as there was in Old Testament times.  Twice a year our church leaders speak to us for 6 2-hour sessions. That sounds like a long time but we're taught about doctrine and principles that are pertinent to our day and time and I always learn something or find answers to my questions. If you're interested in listening to or reading any of the talks, here's the link...]  

The Sisters had a baptism this week. One of the people being baptized ask me to baptize him. His name is Jordan and he's a year younger than me. I got in the font and said the prayer wrong. I didn't think I said it wrong, and when the guy told me what I said he confused the heck out of me and I stumbled through it and then got it right and put him under the water. His toe popped up. Finally I got it right, but I was pretty disappointed in myself. I'm still not sure what happened. Speaking of transfers, I'll be staying another transfer with Elder Toki, he goes home next transfer which means I'm locked in for at least another 3 months (happy faces..). Also fun news, remember Elder Snyder? He's coming to the High Point zone!

So about Nancy, we went back over. The anti-Mormon information she was given was WEAK. I mean all anti is weak, but this stuff wasn't even doctirnal. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and the experiences she had reading it. She said she felt peace while she read, then we asked how she felt as she watches the video. She said she felt confused and angry. We told her God is never confusing and His gospel is simple. The Spirit was pretty strong and she began to cry. We pushed her date back a few weeks, but she's on track now. She came to general conference yesterday too! I think the reason she's been a bit confused lately is because she lives with a Baptist and a Muslim and she's trying to be Mormon, so pray for her!

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